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On a mission to accelerate ideas exchange beyond language and cultural barriers.

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Here are my content focusing on culture, philosophy & personal growth.

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Each month, I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email.

Third Culture Adult

Everyone has a story to tell. Here is your chance to listen to an ethnic minority’s eleven stories on stereotypes, identity, loneliness, relationship, sexual harassment, race, media manipulation, and the hidden history.

chiwi journal Podcast

Conversations between global citizens on culture observation, technology trends and personal growth.


Conversations between global citizens on culture observation, technology trends and personal growth.

Current projects

  • Chinese Translation of Jordan Peterson's Beyond Order

  • Auckland remote working and meditation centre

  • Metaverse project

  • Bilingual content production

  • Online writing class

about y media


Accelerate ideas exchange beyond language and culture barriers.


Build the modern version of the Library of Alexandria.


Filter and curate content between different languages and cultures and present in a flow and accessible way.
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The Problems

Traditional publishers don't translate and share new forms of content such as tweetstorms, podcasts and blog posts from modern thinkers.
Many great minds don't have the opportunity to learn from each other due to language and cultural barriers or the Internet Wall and government restrictions.
The traditional media landscape is a money-and-interest-driven business. The mass is led by fake news and hate speeches that cause division between different ethnicities.
Majority of people are lack media literacy and suffer from information overload

Who are the Audiences?

Global citizens with multicultural backgrounds, especially immigrants living in foreign lands.Entrepreneurs and investors with the ambition to extend their business on a global level.Chinese people who are eager to learn what happened outside the Internet Wall.

Why Me?

Twenty years of freelance writing experience plus ten years of corporate marketing and communication experience.
I lived in China, New Zealand and the UK and have extensive business networking across the globe with deep knowledge of East and West business cultures.I produce written, vocal and visual content by myself with a stable personal brand (trustworthy and energetic).Niche market: bilingual content production and translation. People want non-ideological cross-cultural content RIGHT NOW.I enjoy writing and talking with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It seems like play to me while like work for others.I'm a quick learner with the intellectual curiosity to explore different industries, especially in technology, philosophy and investment.I am a role model of a female migrant entrepreneur.
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